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May 15, 2017

Buddha Board Mini | Drawing Meditation Exercise

One of the many relaxing things I do as an artist, is to practice the fundamentals.  Drawing facial features, usually eyes.  Drawing hands, and random faces, or maybe just doodles.  One of the best tools I've found for practicing brushstrokes is the Buddha Board!

I have the mini version right now, I can't wait to get the bigger regular version that comes with a reservoir and stand.  But this works for now especially for travel.  The board has a special material that accepts water and drys quickly, so that it creates and mimics the ink brush on rice paper.  Its like creating magical fading scrolls.  I wish I knew how to write kanji :-/

But for now, the brushstrokes look very realistic to real ink, and I don't waste any paper while I'm drawing over and over!  This is my second video, check out my first one here!  Have a look at the Buddha Board Mini in action below and quick time-lapse for your convenience!

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