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September 4, 2012

"Lost Fey" - Ink

Here is drawing of a melancholy fairy.  This piece is special because it is reminiscent of work in which I focused on a melancholy mood through the use of hidden faces behind flowing black hair.  In this piece I updated this to include a feeling of being lost along with the idea of fantasy gone wrong.  I was struck by this idea when thinking of fantasy work to do, but didn't want a carbon copy of everything else out there.  This strikes a chord because its more human than anything and brings the magical world more into reality.  Instead of drawing the viewer into a world of myth, our idea of this world is called into question.  I can't wait to explore this more, and have found many artists using the fantasy world as a mirror to our human mind, and I thinks its great!
"Waves" - Ink

Here is a new drawing of a woman wrapped in waves of fabric and wind.  I love doing drapery in motion as well as water type imagery.