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December 8, 2012

Sketching in public

I don't care what other people say, I happen to like the cliche image of the artist at work in his local coffee shop. It's not the only place one can create and it's maybe not the first option we choose. We do however crave exposure, if only for a moment of validation from a passerby. If the world is not exposed to us then how will our ideas grow? Not to mention the lure of coffee and free wifi access whilst being around other like minded individuals in need of getting lost in a crowd of strangers. Often cliches exist for a reason. Perhaps they are useful.

Erykah Badu aka DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown

I had the great pleasure to finally see one of my "divas" in action this week. A friend and I went to see Ms. E. Badu herself drop beats and spend records for our enjoyment at the Prophet Bar in Deep Ellum. It was an early birthday present for me and I was so excited. We had been talking about seeing her for months and we just knew that we couldn't miss her next appearance now that I had moved to the area, I planned on being a firm supporter.

The night began simple enough with a jam session with local DJ, and then some live music from the band. They were amazing and it was such an experience to hear her music in a live setting and feeling every nuance of the melodies. When Lo Down Loretta Brown arrived we sat back and listened to her spin her favorite artists and mix influential beats. It was an evening with a friend in a harmonic discussion of music. "I just play what I like, I dunno what ya'll do" she stated on the mic. Toward the end of the evening I could hear her music coming in to play, and I will admit to waiting to hear the artist play with her own material.

My favorite song, "I Want You", began, and my friend and I began to lose it. Then as she began to appear to leave as the night was drawing to a close, an excited scream came from the back of the crowd as Nazeled Hazel made her way to the front of the stage and grabbed the mic. Our perseverance at the from of the stage was about to really pay off. We stood in disbelief that we would hear the songstress not only belt her famous soulful melodies, but also funk out the song to an approving audience. If you want RaDiO you are in the wrong place, was the anthem of the night. I couldn't stop moving, I couldn't take my eyes off the spirit of creativity I was witnessing.

Ms. Badu is indeed a creative spirit and a major influence on me and my art and it was a great honor to be in the presence of hers.