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May 20, 2013

Dallas Comic Con 2013

Me with my Samurai Jack watercolor.

The con has been so fun this year, a completely new and different vibe than being a guest.  Behind the table as an exhibitor gives me the chance to talk to my audience, see what they think and what they're into. I can honestly say I get it now when artists say they connect with their audience.  The talent has been amazing, our booth neighbor Chad has been so nice. He gave us some freebies and of course we returned the favor!

I think we made some fans, that was probably the most awesome feeling so far. I really missed walking around and seeing everything there was to see.  My inner geek was going mad thinking I was missing some amazing costume somewhere.  I went out to get food and drink, and realized I was probably better where I was.  It was SO crowded!

Picture of Dallas Comic Con Artist Room

We learned a few tricks of the trade, namely, DO commissions. I mean its money while you wait for someone to buy  a print, AND people get to see you work, which makes them even more interested!
Getting to meet so many people and talk art, favorite characters, pop culture, and celebrities was amazing! 

I can't wait to do it all again in October!