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October 2, 2013

Dallas Comic Con - Fan Days COUNTDOWN

Super artist team, Andre and I will be taking the October leg of Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days by storm! Literally!  Honestly Storm is my biggest muse, I really can't get enough.  She's shown up in most of my work so far and I couldn't be more thrilled! Of course I'll try to branch out into new characters, but for now, I like this...

Storm - watercolor, ink, gel ink, gouache
Yes I am a little partial to "Mohawk Storm" which is odd because I'm a hair kind of guy. I love to see it flying, I love it when its taking over the character, and becomes a character unto itself.  But I dunno something about the bad-assness of mohawk era of Storm that can't be captured or pulled off by any other character. IMHO.
My Instagram pics of recent Storm drawings (@aztlanean)

After a while though I did incorporate some other characters in this idea I had to make the X-Women a smooth Soul/R&B/Jazz band.  I mean the girls like to express themselves in other ways than showing off mutant ability or kicking butt.  Sometimes, some things are best expressed through song.
And speaking of musical expression, I mean why wouldn't Storm have played in a band while she was out sporting her edgy look?
I drew that in ink, and then colored on my little iPhone. It gives me a good feel for the color scheme I want to use, and it occupies some good time at my day job.  And the guitar, I mean come one, what else would she play?!

There's much more to come now that it's crunch time!