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July 17, 2017

The Trials, Hardships, and Cons of Being an Artist

Detail of "Fool" - Watercolor, Ink - by Johnny Perez, 2010
Detail of "Fool" - Watercolor, Ink - by Johnny Perez, 2007

We hear it all our lives as young artists...

Don't be an artist!  You'll starve!  You'll be poor!  You'll never make it, it's too competitive!
 I mean its not entirely wrong, but starting out is hard for most people, and giving up too early is a common thing.  I was lucky to have an encouraging family, and the fact that I grew up poor most of my life somehow made it ok or rather doable to live with no money.  So if I wanted to pursue a career with no money but I was happy, then I was confident I could still live, even if it was on nothing.   It really comes down to a matter of perspective for me.

I want to be real for a moment to say that I'm not some crazy successful artist, but neither do I consider myself less of an artist because I'm not "known."  I don't pretend to be more than I am, but I do choose to look at the bright side.   I do choose to think of myself as capable.  And I choose to define success as a never ending goal to better myself.  In that regard it is hard to lose.  I am faced with the same challenges as most in the world,  there is always someone out there better than you, and there is always someone out there more successful than you.  So what?  Am I just supposed to quit?

July 13, 2017

31 Days of Watercolor | Fantasy Faces

Blick Art Materials announced a daily watercolor art challenge for the month of July, and I had to jump on board!  I like daily challenges because they force me to keep with art making when life gets in the way.  I may lag behind a day or two but I'm quick to catch up and keep playing.

There was no specific theme so I decided I would do fantasy faces.  I'm looking into classic fairy tales, and spinning some other familiar concepts.  I'm hoping to end up with a wide range color and ideas for future paintings.  To make it simple I'm keeping these small.  On top of that I have to fight the daylight for attention, since I don't like to use my regular desk lamps, but I will if I have too.