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January 15, 2012

New Year, New Series

Reflecting on this past year, I've noticed such a change in myself.  There was a lot I wanted to accomplish that I didn't get to.  There was even more that I could've done if I had found the motivation.  Words such as love, success, happiness have changed meaning, for the better I hope.  A series like this may not have been possible in years before because of the deep emotional impact the themes have on me.  As an artist I admit I was afraid to explore them.  I was afraid of being exposed.  I know that artists before me must have felt this when they created.  Art may be a reflection of life, but more accurately, an artist's work is a reflection of his own life.  How can I ignore what is important to me?  For what reason do I create, if not to express myself?  My work has dealt with pain before,  but not the cause of it.  That is, the love that was there first, and how it grew into all its beautiful complications. That is the initial concept, and what I will be investigating in the coming year.  I hope you find it relevant to you.