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November 10, 2013

HotPressed : My Etsy Shop

image of screen capture of Etsy shop HotPressed
HotPressed sells original art and prints by Johnny Perez

HotPressed is live with some fresh pickings from my latest work for Dallas Comic Con. If you missed me there, you can find what was for sale here! I've posted all prints by me, and some original art!  Etsy has been a great community to showcase online, so if you have an account, go ahead and give me a favorite! Let me know what you guys like, and what you'd like to see more of.  This is also a good spot to get a private commission! I'll be posting a listing for just this opportunity.

Also be sure and check some of my Con friends in my favorites, and like us all!  They are truly a talented bunch of artists, and I'm honored to be amongst their great company!  The con environment can be a scary place for business first-timers, and I'm glad it wasn't really that hard to make friends. Check out this awesome pic of me in the ZONE!

Sketching out Marko and Alana of Saga
 I'll also be posting work soon that relates to my total obsession with fantasy culture. I'm thinking of doing some character studies and original sketches.  Stay tuned for all of it. Also find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Bookmark me, visit me, tell me about your day.  Thanks!

October 2, 2013

Dallas Comic Con - Fan Days COUNTDOWN

Super artist team, Andre and I will be taking the October leg of Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days by storm! Literally!  Honestly Storm is my biggest muse, I really can't get enough.  She's shown up in most of my work so far and I couldn't be more thrilled! Of course I'll try to branch out into new characters, but for now, I like this...

Storm - watercolor, ink, gel ink, gouache
Yes I am a little partial to "Mohawk Storm" which is odd because I'm a hair kind of guy. I love to see it flying, I love it when its taking over the character, and becomes a character unto itself.  But I dunno something about the bad-assness of mohawk era of Storm that can't be captured or pulled off by any other character. IMHO.
My Instagram pics of recent Storm drawings (@aztlanean)

After a while though I did incorporate some other characters in this idea I had to make the X-Women a smooth Soul/R&B/Jazz band.  I mean the girls like to express themselves in other ways than showing off mutant ability or kicking butt.  Sometimes, some things are best expressed through song.
And speaking of musical expression, I mean why wouldn't Storm have played in a band while she was out sporting her edgy look?
I drew that in ink, and then colored on my little iPhone. It gives me a good feel for the color scheme I want to use, and it occupies some good time at my day job.  And the guitar, I mean come one, what else would she play?!

There's much more to come now that it's crunch time!

September 30, 2013

Portrait of an Artist

image of my desktop circa 2012
My computer desktop as I left it circa early 2012.

I thought it was funny this weekend that my computer decided to come back from the dead.  I've been without my beloved for almost 2 years. I gave up on trying to fix it, get it fixed, or thinking about it.  Then a couple of days ago I wanted to say hello to the gray startup screen and watch it try to load.  To my surprise, it did load.  I nearly lost my breath when I saw my desktop from over a year ago pop up on my screen.  I had forgotten the things I'd left out.  I forgot the things I used to look at daily. I'd forgotten my digital memory.

Of course I immediately started downloading data, pictures, music, movies that have been neglected all this time, and found a home somewhere safe in backup. Speaking of... do it. You never know what you have till its gone. That goes especially for the small bits of your life you want to remember, and suddenly can't.  Back up.  Just do it.

Anyway I thought it would fun to share some of the things I'm able to see now again.  And I want to remember this moment that me and Storm (so named because she is a silver Macbook) were reunited. Who knows if she'll stick around, but I hope so.  Until then I won't waste a minute.  So without further ado, using her built-in camera, here is a portrait of an artist over the years as seen through the eyes of my dear friend and computer.


Me playing once again, today, 2013

and again...

I miss this.

As evidenced by the last 3 pictures I took just now,  I've missed recording my antics, hairstyles and apartments. Something has been returned to me. :)

September 18, 2013

A New Leaf

First I must apologize to my blogger for neglecting you so long. *meaningful embrace*

Many changes have come about in this artist's life. I have been keeping up on my  reading, mostly Julia Cameron author of The Artists Way and other books concerning art as a spiritual path. These books have changed the way I think about inspiration and plain motivation, not to mention my identity as an artist. As the Nike slogan says, "Just Do It," and I do. 

Focusing on my creativity has been at the forefront of my art career of late. I don't have the best track record when it comes to procrastination, but I've made strides. I have tried pouring energy into many outlets, but perhaps now focus needs to be coupled with prioritizing. 

With focus comes isolation. I do have a roommate currently but I've become better at dissolving the world around me to get down to breaking bristles. ( I just made that artsy phrase up.) Isolation has put friendships on hold. Romance has been shown the door. Patience has been  invariably thin for anything obstructing the view between myself and the guy in the mirror.  
I find it worth mentioning that I still value all of the people that have come and gone and maybe some on the sidelines.  I continue to learn from the lessons you offer, whether in person or in spirit. I still want to make you proud despite everything. 

With isolation comes some necessary soul searching. I have grown accustomed and rather fond of the silence. In it are all the seeds for future growth. Inside curiosity is bred. 

"All this time I was finding myself, I didn't know I was lost" so the song goes. 

May 20, 2013

Dallas Comic Con 2013

Me with my Samurai Jack watercolor.

The con has been so fun this year, a completely new and different vibe than being a guest.  Behind the table as an exhibitor gives me the chance to talk to my audience, see what they think and what they're into. I can honestly say I get it now when artists say they connect with their audience.  The talent has been amazing, our booth neighbor Chad has been so nice. He gave us some freebies and of course we returned the favor!

I think we made some fans, that was probably the most awesome feeling so far. I really missed walking around and seeing everything there was to see.  My inner geek was going mad thinking I was missing some amazing costume somewhere.  I went out to get food and drink, and realized I was probably better where I was.  It was SO crowded!

Picture of Dallas Comic Con Artist Room

We learned a few tricks of the trade, namely, DO commissions. I mean its money while you wait for someone to buy  a print, AND people get to see you work, which makes them even more interested!
Getting to meet so many people and talk art, favorite characters, pop culture, and celebrities was amazing! 

I can't wait to do it all again in October!

April 20, 2013


In often find in times of creative block that something I don't understand is trying to get out. When this happens I like take out one if my favorite pens (usually a Micron 05) and do a few blind drawings. I let my mind wander and I stare into space and let my hand move where "the spirit" wills it.

The results are sometimes interesting, probably only to me. But I like the thought that creative energy flows through and makes what I don't have the comprehension or courage to make. At times I'm surprised at what's on the page either because it resembles something or happens to be inspiring. I would say its akin to seeing shapes in the clouds, except I made this cloud.

I've never been a fan of scribbles in art myself, because they just seem to be a cop out. And yet I find so many works in museums that appear to be just that. Anyone who's attended art school for any length of time can tell what a last-minute work looks like and sounds like.

However I can see the value in such an exercise. It is very freeing, it loosens up the muscles, a warm-up if you will. We often did quick sketches in college for just this reason.

One of my favorite writers on art and creative processes, Julia Cameron, wrote a couple of things that I ponder daily when making art. One must be willing to make bad art, and one must create at all times, not just when "the mood" strikes. Among the great many artistic truths she writes about in her many books, I find these two to have been the most helpful to me in getting to work. Fear of perfection should not hinder progress. Fear of any kind should not stop you.


Character variant from the alternaverse where Storm is seduced by Dracula and becomes vampire herself.

Game of Thrones

So I'm all caught up on the show, only took me less than a week. With the upcoming Comic Con in Irving I thought I'd do some sketches. Daenerys has captured my heart, I love her growing strength and independence. Enjoy these sketches for now, more to come!