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September 30, 2013

Portrait of an Artist

image of my desktop circa 2012
My computer desktop as I left it circa early 2012.

I thought it was funny this weekend that my computer decided to come back from the dead.  I've been without my beloved for almost 2 years. I gave up on trying to fix it, get it fixed, or thinking about it.  Then a couple of days ago I wanted to say hello to the gray startup screen and watch it try to load.  To my surprise, it did load.  I nearly lost my breath when I saw my desktop from over a year ago pop up on my screen.  I had forgotten the things I'd left out.  I forgot the things I used to look at daily. I'd forgotten my digital memory.

Of course I immediately started downloading data, pictures, music, movies that have been neglected all this time, and found a home somewhere safe in backup. Speaking of... do it. You never know what you have till its gone. That goes especially for the small bits of your life you want to remember, and suddenly can't.  Back up.  Just do it.

Anyway I thought it would fun to share some of the things I'm able to see now again.  And I want to remember this moment that me and Storm (so named because she is a silver Macbook) were reunited. Who knows if she'll stick around, but I hope so.  Until then I won't waste a minute.  So without further ado, using her built-in camera, here is a portrait of an artist over the years as seen through the eyes of my dear friend and computer.


Me playing once again, today, 2013

and again...

I miss this.

As evidenced by the last 3 pictures I took just now,  I've missed recording my antics, hairstyles and apartments. Something has been returned to me. :)

September 18, 2013

A New Leaf

First I must apologize to my blogger for neglecting you so long. *meaningful embrace*

Many changes have come about in this artist's life. I have been keeping up on my  reading, mostly Julia Cameron author of The Artists Way and other books concerning art as a spiritual path. These books have changed the way I think about inspiration and plain motivation, not to mention my identity as an artist. As the Nike slogan says, "Just Do It," and I do. 

Focusing on my creativity has been at the forefront of my art career of late. I don't have the best track record when it comes to procrastination, but I've made strides. I have tried pouring energy into many outlets, but perhaps now focus needs to be coupled with prioritizing. 

With focus comes isolation. I do have a roommate currently but I've become better at dissolving the world around me to get down to breaking bristles. ( I just made that artsy phrase up.) Isolation has put friendships on hold. Romance has been shown the door. Patience has been  invariably thin for anything obstructing the view between myself and the guy in the mirror.  
I find it worth mentioning that I still value all of the people that have come and gone and maybe some on the sidelines.  I continue to learn from the lessons you offer, whether in person or in spirit. I still want to make you proud despite everything. 

With isolation comes some necessary soul searching. I have grown accustomed and rather fond of the silence. In it are all the seeds for future growth. Inside curiosity is bred. 

"All this time I was finding myself, I didn't know I was lost" so the song goes.