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October 21, 2009

Sculpture - Sprewing

So the next step in the bronzing process is to "sprew" the wax figure, create valves and vents for the bronze to flow through and fill the cast created by the wax figure, once its been melted out. There is a definite sense of loss during this project, its hard to imagine as hard as I've worked on this little wax figure, its eventually going to be destroyed to create a hopefully equally as beautiful bronze figure in its place.

Looking at the figure, all vented up and prepped for casting, was unsettling. The figure was barely balanced on top of a stick of wax and then straws and small strands of wax connecting various parts to the base. It had become an aberration! And I got scared of it falling apart. Its such a lengthy process! Next is coating it in silicone and sand!


  1. what do the straws do? Looks crazy.

  2. they create air valves so when the bronze is being poured into the empty space that the wax and straws left, the air has somewhere to escape thats not through the same pouring hole, because it can create metal bubbles on the sculpture, lol