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July 13, 2017

31 Days of Watercolor | Fantasy Faces

Blick Art Materials announced a daily watercolor art challenge for the month of July, and I had to jump on board!  I like daily challenges because they force me to keep with art making when life gets in the way.  I may lag behind a day or two but I'm quick to catch up and keep playing.

There was no specific theme so I decided I would do fantasy faces.  I'm looking into classic fairy tales, and spinning some other familiar concepts.  I'm hoping to end up with a wide range color and ideas for future paintings.  To make it simple I'm keeping these small.  On top of that I have to fight the daylight for attention, since I don't like to use my regular desk lamps, but I will if I have too.

I forgot to mention the prize is $295 worth of stuff including paints and brushes!  So I'm entering as often as I can.  In the process, I'm filming all the work I'm doing so everyone can enjoy! You can see some of my progress shots below, and then the playlist with time lapse videos after!

Note: All videos are quick time lapse videos (< 4 min.)  except for "Day 3 Cute Monster Boy" is real time (18 mins)

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