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September 24, 2009

3D Watercolor

So I overhauled my watercolor sculpture, I like this version a lot better, thank goodness for gesso! Above is the finished product. I decided to add some assemblage elements so it would have more mass as a finished piece and to make up for the actual paper cast being smaller than required. As as I was walking home from class I found these industrial nails next to a construction project and picked them up, I didn't know I would use them for this piece but when I finished it it to its current color and decided I would add some depth elements, I found the nails worked well with the theme and composition.

Another part of the assignment was to have a current event (from any time period, world or personal) to associate our piece with or use as inspiration. I had trouble thinking of what I wanted to do, but I found one day on campus walking to class a huge tree had been cut down, for what looked like no apparent reason. I'm a big lover of nature and I do think of trees sometimes as "old spirits", so I decided the environmental aspect of what I saw could be my "current event".

So the female form comes from my view of nature as female and creator. The lines on her body and color relate to the wood of the tree. The red is the "blood" or life force that has been drained from her. I decided to add wires and paint them red to both symbolize blood vessels and to show the connection of her severed limbs. The nails became the final act of "man-made" violence.

Its a gruesome piece, as much of my work as been before. But its all about the drama! Haha. Below are some progress shots, and you can see in the first one, the horrible colors I had to cover up. It was such a disaster, lol. I'm thankful that everyone's cast hadn't dried in time for critique and we got an extra day to work on them. Also is the small thumbnail I did in watercolor after starting over.

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