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September 23, 2009

Sculpture Studio

Today I had a couple of accidents with some power tools that proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that I don't belong in a shop. I have a battle scar to prove it! I've learned I cannot use a pneumatic chisel and the fact that I still have toes on my feet is proof enough. As for my scar, well a sanding disc flew off my right angle grinder across my arm. Fun stuff.

I have here my sketch for a relief sculpture design. It morphed from a rising sun to some sort of jellyfish. I like the jellyfish more. My block of wood I was going to use for the cap of the jellyfish was too narrow so I stretched it to make two jellyfish joined.
Whats funny about this was while I was making the two caps, they started to look very much like a Mexican chips and salsa bowl set. Which kinda made me want to make one. LOL.

Here is a line-up of some of the tentacles I made. I'm really proud of the more winding ones. Heh. They were fun to sand down and watch take shape. Below is a mockup of what the finished sculpture will look like with just the tentacles layered on top of one another.

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