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May 9, 2010

D&D Pin-Up Challenge

So anyone who knows me, knows of my love of fantasy, combine that with my love of games, and presto! You have a love Dungeons and Dragons. I played with some friends a while back and it was truly some of the strangest and funniest times we've had. So I've often thought about trying my hand at doing the artwork since I had so much fun doing it for my character. Auroran was his name and some of my work with him can be seen here. How I miss playing!

I've been following the Art Director's weblog, and anxiously waiting to enter some of the challenges he's put forth. This particular challenge is to create a pin-up work of any of the various races in the game. Once again my friend Domonique has aided me in anatomical reference! So here are a few sketches of poses I'm thinking of.

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