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May 18, 2017

Artist Life Series | Episode 002 | A Sampler

This one's a modge podge, a tit for tat, some bric-a-brac, a sampling if you will, of a day in this artist's life.  And a bit of my artist boyfriend's life.  I'd be content to stay in and play video games all day between art-making, but it I have to say that recording this series gives me some other things to look forward to and share.   There's nothing all that glamorous about an artist's life, perhaps not in the beginning, or middle.  It's just a lot of work and staying afloat and just trying to live.

Perhaps later there's some glamour, but I'm definitely not there yet!  See my previous post about answering questions from an artist.  Anyway the main idea here is to give you a slice of life.  Yes I like to art it up, but I also like to watch TV, and go to graveyards.. eehh well accompany my man to graveyards (he's one of those gothics) lol.  It makes me a bit nervous to be honest, but there's something there besides the spookiness and threat of a Victorian haunting.

And I threw in a bit of Food Network to boot! Check it out.  And oh! If you have some good recipes or copies of restaurant recipes let me know!  I'm a foodie too. :D

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