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January 10, 2015

Sketchy Eye Demo


Here's a quick tutorial on drawing eyes, with lashes for days! This is a sketchy eye done Micron pen 02. Then shaded with Faber Castell brush pen in cold grey and warm grey. 

In case you didn't know my best friend and partner in art, Andre Williams, we started an art coop type business called Optic Opera Inc.  The name is a play on a few things. Chiefly the fact that I love the color Opera Pink in my work and that our work is often inspired by music. It's also a nod to opera as an art form in that our work is beautiful music for the eyes. Optic for "Visual" as in "visual art", no-brainer there. 

We have pretty much all the social media outlets covered. But we are starting to post demo videos on our YouTube channel.  Http://www.youtube.com/opticoperainc 

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