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January 13, 2011


I've made some updates to the website. Some minor, but one major change being the addition of the portfolio page. At this time there are only 9 images and a link to my Dripbook porfolio which houses the majority of my works for viewing. After reading what others thought and deciding to make this change I feel its important to have at least some works to view on my website. The ultimate goal of course being to completely house my portfolio on the site instead of having a redirect at all. It make take some time to fully transition, but I think I can have it done by the summer. I'm sure I will have to dust off my Flash skills.

Unfortunately until then I will only have thumbnail views on the website. It was frustrating at times getting the template to work with me but I eventually found alternatives to my ideas of the layout. I decided to go with a simple grid as opposed to putting a functional scrolling widget from the Dripbook site for the simple reasons of quicker upload. I'm all about quicker upload. Not to mention I wouldn't have to integrate the look of the widget to my site, as I like to keep it simple.

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