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October 6, 2009

Watercolor Studio

I had a photo shoot with my friend Domonique and got a lot of good pictures. During studio I flipped through them looking for something along the lines of the intense emotional work I had done last semester. I joked to my friend Effie that I missed the drama.
So I decided to paint one in which I used my sculpture I made recently and had her pretend as if he were attacking her. As I sketched out this photo and laid in the colors for the background, my professor walked by and said she thought it could be a finished work and to do a few more sketches like it, to be sure. So I did, and it was pretty fun, although I'm still not sure which one to actually use for a finished work, I like the first two. So I think I will do both of them, one as a big piece, and the other as small work.

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