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January 2, 2010

Another Year

A friend of mine pointed out that often we are excited about a new year, and despite all the resolutions and good ideas we have for it, many of them do not come to fruition. If this year is different for any reason, it will be to change that to the best of my ability.

My biggest and most important goal this year will be to graduate. Its been a long, hard road. I've been looking around to see what exactly I can do with this little degree of mine. My ultimate goal here is create art and get paid for it. I'm very interested in the illustration arena, and with that I will need to work hard on creating a portfolio to reflect that early this year. Another big interest of mine is game design. I love concept art, character design, background even! As a kid I could say my work leaned toward this area more strongly, I was constantly developing characters and background stories, and villains for them to fight. One idea I had was to resurrect those characters in their odd glory and breathe new life into them. I ran across some of those old sketches from grade school, and wondered what happened to that kid? Hah.

I also plan to work out more. That resolution always comes up after the holidays, as they often force me out of clothes that fit fine just a few weeks before. I'm thinking of trying yoga. I'm not real big on a lot of action, so it seems like something I can get into.

I want to start participating in more opportunities to show my art. So be on the lookout for announcements to upcoming shows! This past year I kept up with many galleries and annual events that I was really interested in, but couldn't seem to find the time or funds to enter. This year will be different. I'm sure I can hold off on that new season of anime to purchase an entry into a show, hehe.

This past year also saw me as an indoor locked up individual. Too many times I listened to the nagging of my friends trying to pull me away from Oblivion. As I begin to enter my career as an adult I need adult activities to help me network, expose, and perfect my craft.

This year will be about overhauling nearly every aspect of my life. It will be hard, but I have to say I'm excited about making something new.

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