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October 29, 2009

Sculpture - BRONZE!


Today was really fun, we poured molten bronze into our ceramic shells, I got to pour mine and a few others, it was REALLY HOT! I was covered from head to toe in leather protective gear! Another classmate took pictures of all that process, so I'll have those up later. The molten bronze was really beautiful to see, glowing and swirling with metallic colors. After they cooled we broke the ceramic shells to reveal the bronze inside! It was like Christmas. lol. After that I sand-blasted the piece to get the ceramic left in the crevices, which also gave her a greyish gold color, then I chopped off the sprews. Next week we we'll grind the nubs off, and the excess pieces. Then the week after that will be polishing and finishing! I've seen some of the other classes' works that are ahead of us, they look really nice! Until then she's just leaning like a cholo! :D


  1. whoa what is that junk on it in the second picture?

  2. THATS the ceramic shell! what the bronze is poured into! On the inside is the perfectly molded replica of my wax figure.